Visual guidelines

Our visual identity pays homage to our journey as a company. It has evolved as Greenhouse has grown. It makes our mission and purpose tangible. And it provides us with a distinct and consistent way to tell our story.

Collage of woman smiling, a fingerprint leaf illustration, and the greenhouse icon

Icons & infographics

Our icons and infographics pick up the curvature and connection of the Greenhouse logo. Do not use icons and infographics as decoration.

Primary icons

We have a limited set of custom primary icons that represent key concepts, functions and ideas having to do with Greenhouse products and offerings. Never introduce your own or create new icons. Icons should be used very sparingly.

Our primary icon library is built using the same geometry as our wordmark. If you require an icon that is not currently in the library, please contact the Brand Team.

Briefcase icon with red grid overlay

Icons should be used when they are additive to the information presented. Never use icons as decoration or to fill in blank space. Brand icons should never be smaller than 0.5".

Grayed out mockup of website in Mac monitor highlight icon
Primary icons sample library
Jobs icon
ATS icon
Dashboard icon
Integrations icon
Scorecard icon
Hiring icon
Data icon
Security icon
Process icon
Interview icon
Candidate icon
Tasks icon
Greenhouse value driver icons
New hire icon
New hire
Identify talent icon
Identify talent
Hiring decisions icon
Hiring decisions
Measure icon


When visualizing data, use simple infographics. Keep them in our brand colors, use a circular theme and connect elements when possible. Additional infographic assets and guidance is being developed. Please contact the Brand Team if you have an infographic question.

These are some examples of common infographics:

Dot chart

Example of dot chart infographic

Donut chart

Example of donut chart infographic


Example of timeline infographic

Line graph

Example of line graph infographic

Bar chart

Example of bar chart infographic

Typographic information

Example of typographic information infographic

Request access to all Greenhouse brand assets

We can supply access to all Greenhouse brand assets (rather than each type individually) to those formally working with the Greenhouse Brand team in a design capacity. While we may grant temporary access to specific asset types to employees, partners and other 3rd parties, we reserve access to the full brand to designers who have been trained by the Greenhouse team.

Request access